This Prize, which was set up in 1988, is awarded in recognition and support for the completion of individual or collective projects carried out in the field, in France or abroad, regardless of nationality or borders, and linked to one of two possible themes.
2017 themes are as follows:
Theme 1: freedom of information, freedom of the press and journalism
Theme 2: promotion and protection of sexual and reproductive rights
Five prize winners will be invited to Paris for the official ceremony. They will receive a medal and share a total sum of €70,000, awarded by the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights. Five runners-up will be awarded a “special mention” medal by the French ambassador in their country of origin.

Candidates must submit their complete application, before the deadline of 15 October 2017, to the Secretariat-General of the CNCDH.
Complementary information are available in the application guidelines and form (only in French) below:

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(PDF - 19.2 kb)
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