6th session of the Cercle Franco-Tanzanien

The 6th session of the CFT was held under the overall theme of the economic perspectives of the African continent. Mr. Denis Cogneau (Professor at Paris School of Economics and Research Director at the French Institute for Research on development) delivered a comprehensive presentation of the major development challenges that the continent is facing.

On 26th of January, a high-level debate between four different panelists took place at the Alliance Française of Dar es Salaam in front of 130 people. The panel was composed by Mr. Denis Cogneau, Mr Ali Mufuruki (founder of Infotech LTD and president of the “Tanzania CEO roundtable”), Mr. Desmond Mushi (founder of The African Economist and research assistant at the Economic and Social Research Foundation), Ms. Neema Ndunguru (Development practitioner) and moderated by Mr. Semkae Kilonzo (coordinator of the Policy Forum, a 70 NGOs network). The panel addressed various topics such as the structure of African economies, the development strategies and the governance.

Both events were followed by a piano-violin concert by Jean-Louis & Jeanne Cortès.

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Presentation by Mr Denis Cogneau on Wednesday 25 January.
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Remarks by HE Mrs Malika Berak on Wednesday 25th January.
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Piano and violin concert by Jean-Louis & Jeanne Cortes on Wednesday 25th January.
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The panelists (left to right) Mr Desmond Mushi, Mr Denis Cogneau, Mrs Neema Ndunguru, Mr Ali Mufuruki and the moderator Mr Semkae Kilonzo of Thursday 26th January debate at the Alliance Française.
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The audience present at Thurday 26th January debate at the Alliance Française.

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