A talk with the chimps

Temporary Exhibition, From February 10th until March 4th, At the National Museum of Natural History, Arusha

The French Embassy to Tanzania organized “A talk with the chimps”, a temporary exhibition on chimpanzees, in partnership with the Alliance Française in Arusha, the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania and the Natural History Museum in Arusha. The exhibition provides an open space and multifaceted scenography with interactive activities, guided tours and conferences on recent research works led by world known primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall’s experts in Gombe National Park.

The objective of the exhibition is to raise awareness about the importance of the chimpanzees in the conservation of the amazing biodiversity of Tanzania. The chimpanzees are the wildlife treasures of Western Tanzania. “Talk with the chimps” offers the public the possibility to appreciate the uniqueness of these creatures, understand their biological, social and cultural behaviors as well as their relationship with man and nature. It shows the seriousness of drastic decrease in chimpanzee populations in the past decades. The survival of Chimpanzees involves the conservation of their habitat, the forest, which is also of crucial importance to our own survival. “A talk with the Chimps” makes us wonder what future the chimpanzees have and what the solutions to protect them are.

The exhibition will be organized around four different themes:
- Who are the chimpanzees?
- Where are the chimpanzees found?
- Research and Conservation
- Chimps and their environment

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Mr. Audax Mabulla, director of the National Museum
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Presentation by Dr. Anthony Collins

A member of Roots and Shoots presenting the exhibition - JPEG

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From left to right: Ms. Felista Mangalu, director of the Natural History Museum in Arusha, Mr. Audax Mabulla director of the National Museum, H.E. Ms. Malika Berak, Ms. Winne Mosena commissioner of the exhibition, Mr. Constatinua Nyamabondo director of the Arusha declaration museum ,

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