AFD & AKHS : Foundation Stone Laid for The Cancer Care Centre at Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam - Jiwe la Msingi la Kituo cha Matibabu ya Saratani katika Hospitali ya Aga Khan, Dar es Salaam [fr]

Dar es Salaam, Sunday 10th April 2022 – The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam today laid the foundation stone for its state-of-the-art Cancer Care Centre, which will serve as a key hub for the innovative Tanzania Comprehensive Cancer Project (TCCP). The Project, which was launched by the Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) in January 2020, has the forward-looking goal of reducing cancer morbidity and mortality in the targeted regions of Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. It is a four-year, public-private initiative funded by Agence Française de Développement (AFD), as well as the Aga Khan Foundation, and with a total funding of TZS 38 billion (13.3 million Euro), TCCP is a first-of-its kind initiative focusing on addressing the impact of Non-Communicable Diseases in Tanzania.

The Project is expected to be a rich source of learning for future programming and investments and will inform policy makers and strategic planners on cancer control in the country. It is expected to directly benefit approximately 1.7 million people and will work with regional health management teams, as well as council health management teams to support the establishment of basic cancer care services in 100 public primary care health facilities in the targeted regions.

The foundation laying ceremony was attended by Chief Guest, Minister of Health, Honourable Ummy Ally Mwalimu and Princess Zahra Aga Khan, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Aga Khan Health Services, alongside government officials, diplomatic missions, development partners, healthcare stakeholders and dignitaries.
TCCP brings together key health institutions, specifically the Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHS,T), Ocean Road Cancer Institute, Muhimbili National Hospital, Bugando Medical Centre, Aga Khan Foundation Tanzania, and Aga Khan University under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government , with technical support provided by Institute Curie, the French foundation for cancer research.

“We know that non-communicable diseases, including cancer, affect us all,” said Honourable Minister Ummy Ally Mwalimu, speaking at the ceremony. “Cancer is a disease that affects people of all ages and genders, children and adults, women and men. We all know people whose lives have been cut short by cancer. It also causes significant losses to the Nation because, the disease reduces the workforce and slows down the development of the individual and the Nation.”

“The construction of this centre has come at an appropriate time for our country,” she added. “The Government is committed to actively improve health services and social development for all Tanzanians, including cancer services.”

Despite being launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, TCCP has successfully implemented several planned activities, trained over 330 healthcare workers in cervical and breast cancer screening and provided other vital training for cancer care. The Project has also procured, and installed equipment valued at TZS 1b at Ocean Road Cancer Institute and Bugando Medical Center, including a mammography machine, which was inaugurated last month. Beyond this, the Project has helped build capacity at the local level by training over 400 community health care workers and raising public awareness of cancer by printing and distributing over 3,000 books, as well as 5,000 Information, Communication and Education (ICE) materials. The most recent foundation stone-laying ceremony marks a significant milestone achievement for TCCP as it successfully kicks off the expansion of the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam to include a cutting-edge cancer care unit valued at TZS 250 billion, with an expected completion date of March 2024.

“Today’s ceremony marks a critical project objective of enhancing comprehensive cancer care facilities in the country,” said Princess Zahra Aga Khan. “Statistics from the United Nations Cancer Research Organization show that there are 42,000 new cancer cases every year in Tanzania, with a high mortality rate of over 28,000 deaths per year. Almost 75% of the cases are diagnosed at a late stage. This is a major challenge that affects survival rates.”

“AKHS,T’s continued growth over nine decades is a strong testimony to our commitment to healthcare development in the country,” she added. “Today, AKHS facilities are known for their high-level of ethical practices, innovation and provision of quality, safe and evidence-based care.”

“Like many low-to-middle income countries, Tanzania has struggled with a ballooning number of cancer cases across the country, and limited resources to treat cancer comprehensively,” said Dr. Harrison Chuwa, Manager, Tanzania Comprehensive Cancer Project. “By adopting a four-pronged strategy, TCCP aims to improve and expand the existing health system infrastructure for oncology; build the capacity of staff at participating institutions; strengthen community cancer awareness and engagement; and develop a joint research agenda and partnerships amongst the project collaborators.”

Recognizing the importance of the Project and the impact it will make on the lives of Tanzanians, the Government has allocated land surrounding the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam to ensure the institution can expand the scope of its cancer services so that citizens can easily access much-needed care. In fact, the availability of services at the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam is expected to reduce patient wait times and delays at the Ocean Road Cancer Institute, another key partner in the TCCP. It is expected that once the new Cancer Care Centre is open, a considerable portion of cancer patients who currently cannot afford treatment, will be able to secure welfare support to treat their disease.

Ms. Stephanie Mouen, Country Director of the French Development Agency (AFD) in Tanzania said, “with the best qualified public and private partners around the table, I am confident that this TCCP project, once the Radiation Therapy Centre is commissioned and all equipment installed, will reach the expected desired impact for population through: (i) better screening with a target of reaching out to more than 1.7 million patients, (ii) better prevention of cancer prevalence by increasing the number of patients diagnosed at early stage from 20% to 50% of patients affected by tumours, and (iii) training health care workers from tertiary up to dispensary level, as well as increasing cancer related knowledge and awareness among the population through media and other communication channels.”

The Cancer Care Centre will work with the public health system to strengthen community cancer care practices, as well as services by delivering affordable, comprehensive health care services. It will include primary preventive services, screening, and early detection. The new Centre will also work closely with government health facilities, to provide welfare support to needy patients.

About Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania
Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHS, T) is one of the agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) that support activities in health. AKHS, T is a private, not-for-profit organization with an integrated healthcare system across Tanzania with strong linkages and partnerships with government health agencies and other relevant national and international stakeholders. Today, the AKHS,T offers quality healthcare through its world-class facilities, cutting edge technology, comprising of one hospital hub in Dar es Salaam, one sub-hub in Mwanza and 24 Outreach Health Centres across the country.

About French Development Agency (AFD)
Agence Française de Développement (AFD) implements France’s policy on international development and solidarity. Through its financing of NGOs and the public sector, as well as its research and publications, AFD supports and accelerates transitions towards a fairer, more resilient world. It also provides training in sustainable development (at AFD Campus) and other awareness-raising activities in France.

With our partners, we are building shared solutions. Our teams are at work on more than 4,000 projects in the field, in the French Overseas Departments and Territories, in 115 countries and in regions in crisis. We strive to protect global public goods – promoting a stable climate, biodiversity and peace, as well as gender equality, education and healthcare. In this way, we contribute to the commitment of France and the French people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Towards a world in common.

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Dar es Salaam, Jumapili April 10, 2022–Leo Hospitali ya Aga Khan imeweka jiwe la msingi la Kituo chake cha kisasa cha Matibabu ya Saratani, ambacho kitatumika kama kitovu muhimu cha Mradi Mtambuka na wa kivumbuzi wa Saratani Tanzania (TCCP). Mradi huu, ambao ulizinduliwa na Huduma za Afya Aga Khan (AKHS) mnamo Januari 20202, una melengo ya mbeleni ya kupunguza maradhi na vifo vya saratani katika mikoa lengwa ambayo ni Dar es Salaam na Mwanza. Ni mradi wa miaka minne kati ya sekta binafsi na ya umma uliofadhiliwa na Shirika la Maendeleo la Ufaransa (AFD), pamoja na Taasisi ya Kimataifa ya Maendeleo ya Aga Khan (AKF), na kwa ufadhili wa TZS bilioni 38 (Euro milioni 13.3), TCCP ni mradi wa kwanza wa aina hii unaolenga kukabiliana na athari za Magonjwa Yasiyo ya Kuambukiza nchini Tanzania.

Mradi huu unategemewa kuwa chanzo kizuri cha mafunzo kwa ajili ya programu za siku za usoni na uwekezaji na utawapa taarifa watunga sera na wawekaji mipango ya kimkakati kuhusu suala la udhibiti wa saratani nchini. Unategemewa kuwanufaisha moja kwa moja takribani watu milioni 1.7 na utashirikiana na timu za usimamizi wa afya za kanda, pamoja na timu za usimamizi wa afya za halmashauri kuunga mkono uanzishwaji wa huduma za msingi za matibabau ya saratani katika vituo 100 vya awali vya afya katika mikoa lengwa.

Hafla ya kuweka jiwe la msingi ilihudhuriwa na Mgeni Ramsi, Waziri wa Afya, Mheshimiwa Ummy Mwalimu na Princess Zahra Aga Khan, Mwenyekiti wa Kamati Kuu ya Huduma za Afya Aga Khan, sambamba na maafisa wa serikali, mabalozi, wabia wa maendeleo, wadau wa huduma za afya na waheshimiwa wengine.

Mradi wa TCCP umeleta pamoja taasisi kubwa za afya, hasa Huduma za Afya Aga Khan, Tanzania (AKHS,T), Taasisi ya Saratani ya Ocean Road, Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili, Kituo cha Afya cha Bugando, Taasisi ya Kimataifa ya Maendeleo ya Aga Khan (AKF), na Chuo Kikuu cha Aga Khan chini ya uongozi wa Wizara ya Afya na Ofisi ya Rais–Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa, huku usaidizi wa kiufundi ukitolewa na Institute Curie, taasisi ya Ufaransa inayojishughulisha na utafiti wa saratani.

“Tunajua kwamba magonjwa yasiyo ya kuambukiza, ikiwemo saratani, yanatuathiri sisi sote,” alisema Mheshimiwa Waziri Ummy Ally Mwalimu, alipokuwa akizungumza wakati wa hafla hiyo.“Saratani ni ugonjwa unaoathiri watu wenye umri na jinsia zote, watoto, watu wazima, wanaume kwa wanawake. Sisi sote tunawajua watu ambao maisha yao yamekatishwa na saratani. Ugonjwa huu unasababisha pia hasara kubwa kwa Taifa kwa sababu unapunguza nguvu kazi na unazorotesha maendeleo ya mtu mmoja mmoja na ya Taifa.”

“Ujenzi wa kituo hiki umefanyika katika kipindi sahihi katika nchi yetu,” aliongezea.“Serikali imedhamiria kuboresha huduma za afya na maendeleo ya jamii kwa Watanzania wote, ikiwemo huduma za saratani.”

Licha ya kuzinduliwa katika kipindi cha gonjwa-tandavu la UVIKO-19, Mradi wa TCCP umefanikiwa kutekeleza kikamilifu shughuli kadhaa zilizopangwa, umetoa mafunzo ya uchunguzi wa saratani ya shingo ya kizazi na matiti kwa watoa huduma za afya zaidi ya 330 na umetoa mafunzo mengine muhimu ya matibabu ya saratani. Mradi huu pia umenunua na kufunga vifaa vyenye thamani ya TZS bilioni 1 katika Taasisi ya Saratani ya Ocean Road na Kituo cha Afya cha Bugando, ikiwemo mashine ya kuchunguza matiti (Mammography), ambayo ilizinduliwa mwezi uliopita. Zaidi ya hapo, Mradi huu umesaidia kujenga uwezo katika ngazi mbalimbali kwa kutoa mafunzo kwa watoa huduma za afya wa ngazi ya jumuiya zaidi ya 400 na kukuza uelewa wa umma wa saratani kwa kuchapisha na kusambaza zaidi ya vitabu 3,000, pamoja na nyenzo 5,000 za Habari, Mawasiliano na Elimu (ICE). Hafla hii ya kuweka jiwe la msingi inaashiria ufikiwaji wa hatua muhimu ya mafaniko kwa Mradi wa TCCP kwa kuwa inaanzisha kwa mafanikio upanuzi wa Hospitali ya Aga Khan, Dar es Salaam ikiwemo kitengo cha kisasa cha matibabu ya saratani chenye thamani ya bilioni 13.8 za Kitanzani, kinachotegemewa kukamilika mnamo Machi 2024.

“Hafla ya leo inaashiria dhumuni muhimu la mradi huu la kuboresha huduma na vituo mtambuka vya matibabu ya saratani nchini,”alisema Princess Zahra Aga Khan.“Takwimu za Shirika la Utafiti wa Saratani la Umoja wa Mataifa zinaonesha kwamba Tanzania inapata wagonjwa 42,000 wa saratani kila mwaka, pamoja na kuwa na kiwango cha juu cha vifo 28,000 kwa mwaka. Takribani asilimia 75 ya wagonjwa hao wanagundulika katika hatua ya mwishoni. Hii ni changamoto kubwa ambayo inaathiri uwezekano wa kupona.”

“Ukuaji endelevu wa AKHS,T kwa zaidi ya miongo tisa ni ushuhuda thabiti wa dhamira yetu ya kuendeleza huduma za afya nchini,”aliongezea.“Leo hii, vituo vya afya vya AKHS vinajulikana kwa utendaji wake wa kiadilifu wa kiwango cha juu, uvumbuzi na utoaji wa matibabu bora, salama na yenye msingi imara wa ushahidi.”

“Kama ilivyo kwa nchi nyingi za kipato cha chini na cha kati, Tanzania inasumbuliwa na ongezeko la idadi ya wagonjwa wa saratani sehemu mbalimbali nchini, na rasilimali chache za kutibu saratani kikamilifu,”alisema Dkt. Harrison Chuwa, Meneja, Mradi Mtambuka wa Saratani Tanzania.“Kwa kutumia mkakati wa hatua nne, Mradi wa TCCP unalenga kuboresha na kupanua miundombinu ya mfumo wa sasa wa afya ya saratani; kujenga uwezo wa wafanyakazi wa taasisi husika; kuimarisha uelewa na ushiriki wa jumuiya kwa saratani; na kuandaa ajenda ya pamoja ya utafiti na ubia miongoni mwa washiriki wa mradi huu.”

Kwa kutambua umuhimu na matokeo yake kwa maisha ya Watanzania, Serikali imetenga ardhi inayopakana na Hospitali ya Aga Khan, Dar es Salaam ili kuhakikisha taasisi hii inaweza kupanua wigo wa huduma zake za saratani ili wananchi waweze kufikia kwa urahisi matibabu hayo yanayohitajika sana. Kimsingi, upatikanaji wa huduma katika Hospitali ya Aga Khan, Dar es Salaam unatarajiwa kupunguza muda wa wagonjwa kusubiri na kuondoa foleni ya upataji huduma katika Taasisi ya Saratani ya Ocean Road, ambayo ni mbia mwingine muhimu katika Mradi wa TCCP. Inatarajiwa kwamba mara baada ya Kituo kipya cha Matibabu ya Saratani kufunguliwa, sehemu kubwa ya wagonjwa wa saratani ambao kwa sasa hawamudu gharama za matibabu wataweza kupata usaidizi wa ustawi ili kutibu ugonjwa wao.

Bi. StephanieMouen, Mkurugenzi wa Shirika la Maendeleo la Ufaransa (AFD) nchini Tanzania alisema,“Kwa uwepo wa wabia mahiri wa sekta ya umma na binafsi mahali hapa, naamini kwamba Mradi huu wa TCCP, mara baada ya Kituo cha Tiba ya Mionzi kumalizika na vifaa vyote kufungwa, utafikia walengwa wote tarajiwa: (i) huduma bora za uchunguzi wa magonjwa kwa lengo la kufikia zaidi ya wagonjwa milioni 1.7, (ii) udhibiti bora wa kuenea kwa saratani kwa kuongeza idadi ya wagonjwa wanaogundulika katika hatua ya awali kutoka asilimia 20 hadi asilimia 50 ya wagonjwa wenye uvimbe wa saratani, na (iii) kutoa mafunzo kwa watoa huduma za afya kuanzia ngazi ya chini hadi ngazi ya zahanati, pamoja na kuongeza elimu na uelewa wa saratani kwa umma kupitia vyombo vya habari na njia nyingine za mawasiliano.”

Kituo cha Matibabu ya Saratani kitashirikiana na mfumo wa afya ya umma kuimarisha shughuli za saratani katika ngazi ya jumuiya, pamoja na huduma husika, kwa kutoa huduma nafuu na kamili za matibabu ya afya. Itajumuisha huduma za udhibiti katika ngazi za chini, uchunguzi na utambuzi wa awali. Pia, kituo hiki kipya kitashirikiana kwa karibu na vituo vya afya vya serikali, ili kutoa usaidizi wa ustawi kwa wagonjwa wahitaji.

Kuhusu Huduma za Afya Aga Khan, Tanzania

Huduma za Afya Aga Khan, Tanzania (AKHS, T) ni moja ya mashirika ya Mtandao wa Mashirika ya Kimataifa ya Maendeleo ya Aga Khan (AKDN) ambalo linaunga mkono shughuli za afya. AKHS,T ni shirika binafsi linaloendesha shughuli zake bila kutengeneza faida lenye mfumo jumuishi wa matibabu ya afya nchini Tanzania pamoja na uhusiano na ushirikiano thabiti na mashirika ya serikali na wabia wengine muhimu wa kitaifa na kimataifa. Leo hii, AKHS,T inatoa huduma bora za afya kupitia vituo vyake vyenye hadhi ya kimataifa, teknolijia ya kisasa, kupitia hospitali moja kuu jijini Dar es Salaam, hospitali moja ndogo jijini Mwanza na Vituo 24 vya Afya vilivyopo sehemu mbalimbali nchini.

Kuhusu Shirika la Maendeleo la Ufaransa (AFD)

Shirika la Maendeleo la Ufaransa (AFD) linatekeleza sera ya Ufaransa ya maendeleo ya kimataifa na mshikamano. Kupitia ufadhili wake wa NGOs na sekta ya umma, pamoja na utafiti na machapisho yake, AFD inaunga mkono na inachapuza mikakati inayopelekea kuwa na dunia inayozingatia haki zaidi na yenye ustahimilivu zaidi. Pia, inatoa mafunzo ya maendeleo endelevu (katika Kampasi ya AFD) na shughuli nyingine za kuongeza uelewa nchini Ufaransa.

Kwa kushirikiana na wabia wetu, tunaleta fumbuzi za pamoja. Timu zetu zinafanya kazi katika zaidi ya miradi 4,000 uwandani, kwenye Idara na Mataifa ya Ufaransa yaliyo Ng’ambo, katika nchi 115 na katika kanda zenye machafuko. Tunajitahidi kulinda mali za umma za ulimwengu–kuendeleza tabianchi iliyo thabiti, bionuwai na amani, pamoja na usawa wa kijinsia, elimu na huduma za afya. Kwa njia hii tunachangia katika ahadi yetu kwa Ufaransa na watu wa Ufaransa ya kufikia Malengo ya Maendeleo Endelevu (SDGs). Kuelekea dunia yenye usawa.

Mawasiliano ya Habari:
Kwa taarifa zaidi tafadhali wasiliana na:

Oreyo-Pierronnet – Meneja Mawasiliano wa Kanda ya Afrika Mashariki, AFD

Olayce Steven Lotha – Meneja Mwandamizi wa Masoko na Mawasiliano, Huduma za Afya Aga Khan, Tanzania




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