Agence Française de Développement

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AFD, the Agence Française de Développement, is a public development-finance institution that has worked for ’seventy years to alleviate poverty and foster sustainable development in the developing world and in the French Overseas Provinces. AFD executes the French government’s development aid policies. Working on four continents, AFD has seventy-one field offices and bureaus, including nine in France’s overseas provinces and one in Brussels. The Agency provides financing and support for projects that improve living conditions, promote economic growth, and protect the planet. In 2013, AFD committed €7.8 billion to projects in developing and emerging countries and in the French Overseas Provinces. These AFD-financed projects will provide schooling for children, improve maternal health, promote equality between men and women, support farmers and small businesses, and bolster access to drinking water, transportation and energy. These newly-funded projects will also help mitigate climate disruption by abating nearly 3.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent annually.

AFD intervention started in Tanzania in 1993 through Proparco, AFD’s subsidiary dedicated to private investment. The creation of a regional agency in 1997 allows AFD to develop its activity in Tanzania, where a bureau has been opened in 2007 in Dar Es Salaam. From 1998, AFD group has granted funds to Tanzania for a total amount of € 260 millions, from which 80% are soft loans. Most of these funds aim at developing water and sewerage sector as well as energy.

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