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Founded in 1941, the Agence Française de Développement group has been funding, supporting and accelerating the transitions towards a fairer and more sustainable world.


Video - AFD in East Africa: Who we are

Through a comprehensive set of services, the AFD group provides customized tools to support governments, public and private companies, financial institutions and NGOs, in emerging economies and developing countries.

We do this by harnessing 80 years of expertise in the development sector in line with the goals of the 115 countries where we operate.

Africa alone represents 50% of our commitments. In Eastern Africa, the AFD Group covers 11 countries.

Between 2009 and 2019, we have committed 6 Billion euros towards the development of the region.

Mainly towards the Energy sector, Water and Sanitation, and the Financial sector.
Our portfolio covers many other fields.

  • In Eastern Africa, the AFD Group offers a variety of financing solutions:
    Loans are the primary tool we use. They may be sovereign, or non-sovereign (i.e. without the guarantee of the State). The loan terms are determined by the nature of the project, its environment, and the capacity of the borrower.
  • We can also provide tailor-made grants, depending on our partner’s needs and characteristics.
  • To reach SMEs and VSEs, and thereby promote investment and job creation, we mobilize guarantees and lines of credit.
  • Through Proparco, we provide loans to local companies or financial institutions, or mobilize various equity instruments.
  • If a project needs specific expertise, we offer technical assistance aimed at strengthening the capacities of our partners, including services from Expertise France.

In 2018, we opened a regional office, which allows us to carry out cross-border or regional projects and to diversify our sectors of intervention.

Reach out to us in one of our country agencies or at the Nairobi regional office!

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