On December 2, 2021, AFD celebrated its 80th anniversary. As part of the birthday celebrations, AFD reaffirmed its commitment to its partners and its people in the countries it serves. Our communities help us fulfil our common mission and their destinies are part of ours.

Since its founding by General de Gaulle on December 2, 1941, Agence Française de Développement has maintained a spirit of humanity in the fight against global inequalities and environmental disruption. For almost a century, it has supported solidarity actions in the field, for and with others, throughout the world.
The world is facing an urgent need to transform. AFD is reinventing itself to match this need, drawing on global experience and the guiding conviction that in “A World in Common”, societies inspire each other to discover and transform themselves. We are establishing a new collective cooperation, based on listening, commitment and mutual aid – all of which are sustainable responses to the challenges our societies face. Societies strengthen by acknowledging and acting on the needs of all living beings. Investing in sustainable development fortifies this activity – heeding the call to action of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals and fueling AFD’s desire to create change.
How do we build a world in common?
In line with the New Africa France Summit, AFD is working to create further solidarity and sustainable action in every region where it operates. The 80th anniversary marks a first step in creating the foundations for a new trajectory and the start of the institution’s transformation.
As part of the celebration, AFD’s project leaders, partners and clients were invited to share their experience, to drive this transformation. In Paris, some presented their projects and their proposals to build a new cooperation, sharing their knowledge from the field and the 85 geographical areas in AFD’s global network. The voices of our youth were also heard: a community of fifteen committed young people from all over the world, reflecting on the challenges they face, answered the question: "What will it mean to be 25 in 2101?”
In Eastern Africa, 7 AFD partners shared their vision with us:
- Dr Laila Macharia, chair and founder at Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) in Kenya
- Ms. Ingrid Kamusoni, Executive Secretary for the Association pour la Promotion de la Fille Burundaise in Burundi
- Mr. Abdo Hassan, Chairman of the NADIF association of waste pre-collectors in Djibouti
- Dr. Faiza Siddig, Project Manager at the Forest National Corporation in Sudan
- Mr. Enock Kusasira, from Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd in Uganda
- Ms. Lydie Hakizimana , CEO of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) in Rwanda
- Mr. Edgar Masunga, retired agent from the Tanzania Forest Services Agency

Listen to them in this video! (we transfer link here:


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