"Albinism in Tanzania" : exhibition at the Alliance française.

Dar es Salaam, - March 4, 2013 – The Spanish Embassy and the Alliance Française gathered energies to address the reality of persons with albinism in Tanzania hosting the opening of the photography exhibition: "Mendel´s Russian Roulette. Albinism in Tanzania” by the Spanish photojournalist Ana Palacios.

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The event was officially inaugurated by H. E. Luis Cuesta, the Ambassador of Spain who stated that the pictures will help to recognize the needs of PWAs over the world. “They all need protection, the Government and the public need to join forces to protect them”, said the Ambassador.

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- Representatives of National and International Organizations working on health and human rights for disadvantaged persons went to the ceremony, the event also counted numerous Ambassadors and other members of Tanzanian Diplomacy.

- During the event was presented the work of Spanish volunteers working on local based initiatives aiming to assist PWAs in the socio-health field:
Dr. Lorea Bagazgoitia, dermatologist of the Spanish Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid) introduced the work that it is being done in the KCMC since 2008, training local specialists in how to deal with skin cancer in PWAs.

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- It was also presented the Local Sunscreen Production Unit, an initiative conducted in the Regional Dermatology Training Center (RDTC at KCMC) of Moshi, which consists in the production of “Kilimanjaro Suncare”, the sun lotion that is helping 2,000 PWAs to prevent them of getting premature skin cancer that reduces their life expectancy up to 30 years. The Government of Tanzania will assist in the clearing and forwarding of the needed essential raw materials, which still have to be imported.
“The primary objective is to improve the quality of life of PWAs in Tanzania by means of guaranteeing the access to sunscreen protection, through an initiative that promotes local market and human resources”, said Mafalda Soto, the Project Manager of the Project.

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