An eventful week around France in Tanzania: challenge succeeded! [fr]

The celebration of our national day as well as France team qualification to the final of the FIFA World Cup of Russia 2018 gave France a large window of communication in local media from the 9th to the 15th of July.
Anticipated far in advance by the ambassador, H.E. was therefore able to talk to various local media and share French action in Tanzania, especially on diplomatic economy (which was furthermore picked up by the media on Monday 16th of July); university and linguistic cooperation and more widely on the universal values embodied by the 14th of July, on France in the world stage, Francophonie and bilateral relations between France and Tanzania. It was also the occasion to repeat the importance of the first political dialogue session between the two countries last June in Paris.
H.E. Frédéric Clavier was invited to talk in the main Tanzanian media (radio, TV and newspapers, private and public) all along the week.

A week of interviews ended by the publication, on Friday, the 13th of July, a Special France supplement of fourteen pages dedicated to French players in Tanzania. Edited in English in more than 27 000 copies in the daily state-owned Citizen newspaper, this supplement gave the outline of France in Tanzania:

-  Interview of H.E. Frederic Clavier on the bilateral relations between France and Tanzania

-  Article on the 14th of July and its celebrations in France

-  Facts and figures about France in Tanzania

-  Interview of the Head of Cooperation

-  Focus on AFD

-  Article on economic diplomacy

-  Testimonies of Allumnis benefiting from French government scholarship programs

-  Coverage avec Dar es Salaam University with H.E. and dean

-  Focus on French Alliances network

-  Presentation of different projects aiming to help civil society

Sponsored by 11 French companies active in Tanzania, this special supplement allowed the firms to promote their different services and gave a global vision of what is the French expertise in Tanzania.

H.E. Frederic Clavier flanked by on his right Mr Philippe Boncour, head of cooperation, and Yvonne Msemembo on his left, Ms Msemembo leading the interview for Capital TV.

Mister Ambassador before his live interview in the morning show of Radio TBC International with major journalist Deogratias Salufu.

H.E. and Mr Boncour at their interview to RFI Kiswahili with leading journalist Mr Emmanuel Makundi.

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