COP 21 - What’s that ?

The next United Nations climate conference, COP21, will be one of the biggest international summits.

The stakes are high: managing the climatic disruption that threatens
our societies and our economies. The conference should lead to the adoption
of a universal agreement that will provide a framework for transition towards
low-carbon societies and economies able to withstand climate change.

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from 30 Nov. to 11 Dec. 2015

196 signatories (195 states + the European Union)

This year

Le Bourget

France welcomes the world !

France’s dual responsibilities

1 : Welcoming all the participants under the best conditions for work and discussion.
2 : Facilitating debates between countries and ensuring a transparent and inclusive negotiation process to favour the adoption of an agreement. This will not be an easy task, as decisions can only be taken unanimously. Emissions reduction targets.

Emissions reduction targets

no more than 2°C

The aim of COP21 is to keep warming within the limit of 2 °C compared with the pre-industrial ra (about 1850).

The future international agreement will first of all have to deal in a balanced way with attenuation – i.e. efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and adapting societies to existing climate disruption.

Before COP21, each country must publish its national contribution, presenting the efforts it intends to undertake.

Financial support for developing countries

Another essential goal in Paris is to mobilise 100 billion dollars a year (about 78 billion euros) contributed by states, international organisations and the private sector from 2020.

Implementing ambitious solutions

Many large-scale initiatives are currently being developed by a variety of nongovernmental.

bodies: cities, regions, businesses, associations, etc. This is what is
described as the Solutions Agenda.

An exemplary COP

- Less litter and waste
- Limited carbon footprint
- ISO certification for the event
- Selection of short supply chains
- Creation of activity and jobs
- Optimized transports
- Training and awareness

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