Challenge of the 1000 entrepreneurs [fr]

1000 African entrepreneurs will be invited by France to the Africa-France Summit in Bordeaux in June 2020, to present their project at "The City of Solutions", a show dedicated to sustainable cities.

To be selected for this event, submit your application and meet a some criteria :

- To be an African entrepreneur with a legal existence;
- You should have an increasing revenue;
- Gender Parity, female candidates are encouraged to apply;
- Be active in one the 7 the sustainable cities sector*;
- Be registered on the Digital Africa platform;


* The 7 themes selected are:

1-Access essential services
2-Feed the cities
3-Design and beautify the city
4-Move around the city / visit the city
5-Live in the city
6-Finance and structure projects
7-Connect the city

Candidates have until January 31, 2020 to submit their applications on the Digital Africa platform. Every month the best applications will be selected and at the end of March, Digital Africa will release the 1000 winning entrepreneurs.

To apply now, click here.

Dernière modification : 26/02/2020

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