Disparition de Reginald Mengi : l’éloge funèbre de l’Ambassadeur [en]

Homme d’affaire et philanthrope tanzanien, Reginald Mengi est décédé le 2 mai dernier à 75 ans. H.E Frédéric Clavier a été invité à prononcé une éloge funèbre en l’honneur de cet homme très apprécié de ses compatriotes lors d’une cérémonie d’hommage organisée le 7 mai à Dar es Salaam.

"Mheshimiwa Dr John Pombe Magufuli, Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania,
Familiya ya Wafiwa,
Waheshimiwa Mawaziri
Wadau wa Maendeleo
Wadau wa Sekta ya Biashara
Wageni waheshimiwa,
Na wote ambao wameguswa na Msiba huu kwa namna moja au nyingine

Kwa niaba ya Serikali ya Ufaransa na Wafanyakazi wa Ubalozi wa Ufaransa nchini Tanzania, ninapenda kusema tumepokea kwa mshtuko mkubwa na huzuni isiyo na kifani habari za kifo cha Mwenyekiti Mtendaji wa IPP Dokta Reginald Mengi.

Kwangu mimi binafsi, Dk. Mengi alikuwa Mshauri wa kuaminika, mtu mwenye busara za ajabu. Tangu niwasili Tanzania, nilijiona mtu niliyebahatika sana kupata fursa ya kuwa na mawasiliano ya karibu sana na ya mara kwa mara na Dr Mengi. Tulibadilishana mawazo juu ya fursa mbalimbali za maendeleo hasa za kibiashara na kuangalia wapi tunaweza kuboresha ushirikiano siku za usoni tukizishirikisha taasisi mbalimbali za hapa nchini, Kampuni yake iliyotukuka na Ubalozi wa Ufaransa.

Kwa kweli ni mengi aliyoyafanya Dr. Mengi, atakumbukwa daima kwa biashara nyingi alizozitanua, mamilioni ya watu aliowasaidia na kuwaongoza, jinsi alivyoyabadilisha maisha ya watu hasa wale wa wasio na uwezo na utamaduni alioujenga. Kwa kweli Tanzania imepoteza Shujaa ambae pengo lake ni gumu sana kuliziba.

Ushirikiano kati ya Dr Mengi, Mfanyabiashara maarufu hapa nchini na mimi, na mimi nikiwa Balozi wa Ufaransa nchini Tanzania, umekuwa ni uhusiano wa kuaminiana kwa kiwango cha juu sana. Naweza kusema mimi ni mmoja wa wale waliobahatika na kunufaika sana kutokana na ushauri wa Dr Mengi, ushauri uliokuwa wa kiwango cha juu sana chenye hekima.

Nitakumbuka daima mikutano yetu tuliyofanya pamoja, tabasamu lake lilojaa upendo na upole wakati wa mazungumzo yetu, mawazo yake huru na udadisi wake uliomfanya aweze kuelewa mambo mengi kwa uharaka kila wakati.

H.E. Dr John Pombe Magufuli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania,
Bereaved families
Honourable Ministers
Development Partners
The Business Community
Distinguished Guests and all those who have been touched by this Great Loss.

On behalf of the French Government and the French Embassy Staff in Tanzania, I would like to express our sadness on the untimely departure of the IPP Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Abraham Mengi.

To me, Dr Mengi was a trusted Advisor, a man with amazing brilliance. Since my arrival in Tanzania, I felt privileged to have had frequent interactions with him, exchanging views on various business development opportunities and identifying future cooperation between various Tanzanian institutions, his reputable company and the French Embassy.

It goes without saying, Dr Mengi’s legacy will extend far beyond the businesses he built, the millions of people he inspired, the lives he changed and the culture he defined. Despite all his accomplishment, it feels like he was just getting started. Tanzania has lost a RARE gem.

The partnership between Dr Mengi, as a highly optimist prominent Tanzanian businessman and I, as the French Ambassador to Tanzania, has evolved to a mutual trustful relationship. I would proudly say, I am one of the privileged ones who benefitted immensely from his wise counselling. I will always remember each of our meetings, his kind smile when we were interacting, his laughing eyes, his open mind and his curiosity mind that led him to accumulate random information about everything he came across.

A couple of months ago an invitation to visit Paris was extended to him by the President of the French Republic, as representative of the private sector of his country. Unfortunately he could not go to Paris in view of his health complications and the French Higher Authorities has through me conveyed to him words of encouragement. France and IPP Limited had some investment projects in the pipeline in the field of pharmaceutical products, hospitality and tourism sectors. This vividly demonstrates the confidence we had in him.

Let me share with you one of our best accomplishments that we were both committed to, we were able, at the shortest timeframe possible, to take our relationship to another level. I would proudly mention the remarkable France-Tanzania Business Forum that we organised that saw a delegation of 30 French businessmen visiting Tanzania for the first time. The delegation was part of the French Business Confederation known as MEDEF International.

We did not stop there, we continued to lay down some solid plans of forming a long-term strategy to partner with his company, and other Tanzanian companies which he proudly recommended. High on our agenda is for example the visit mid-June of a special delegation of French companies in the agriculture sector which is a follow-up of the success of the MEDEF visit. We have Lost a Great Man !

His death is a great tragedy to all development stakeholders. A better way to honour Dr Mengi’s life of service is all of us to play our part so as to take his dreams and good deeds to a higher level.

We should remember him for many things, we should remember him for his development contributions to the nation and vision of his book “I CAN, I MUST, I WILL - the spirit of success”. He wrote his book at a proper time when the African continent is increasingly taking its place on the global state as a continent of growth and opportunity and also at an opportune time when Africa is casting a new vision that is guided largely by the power of entrepreneurship. By putting his experience in the book, Dr Mengi saw the importance of a shared vision, as the guiding light for business development for the generation to come. His commitment to do what he felt is right as opposed to what is easy or traditional is a lesson worth grasping. If the majority of us can follow Dr Mengi’s footprints, we can all build that bright future worth of our countries.

Please allow me to express The French Government and the French Embassy Staff sympathies and deepest condolences to his beloved Wife Jacqueline Mengi, the bereaved family members, the whole IPP Group of Companies staff, friends, the business community and to all those who have been touched by this great lost !

May God rest Dr Reginald Abrahim Mengi’s soul in eternal peace."

En mai 2018, l’Ambassadeur avait exprimé la vision qu’il avait de Reginald Mengi pour un documentaire : https://youtu.be/6JXCqo56E0U

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