Event: Debate and Exhibition Opening

The French Embassy to Tanzania, with the support of the Institut Français in Paris, is organising a high level debate on “Heritage: which integration in the urban space?”on Thursday, October 06th at 18:00 at the Alliance Française of Dar es Salaam followed by, at 20:00, the opening of the exhibition Cartooning for Peace.

From Stonetown’s Old fort to Versaille’s Castle, we are surrounded by heritages of our past: buildings, ruins, and other manmade modifications of the environment. They are a testimony of our past, of the specificities of each area. Integrating them in today’s urbanised world has, and is still, presenting numerous challenges.

The panel will be composed of Mr. Sirili Akko (Tbc), executive secretary of the Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators, Mr. Donatius Kamamba, director of Antiquities at the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ms. Valérie Goulet, representative in Zanzibar of the World Monuments Fund, and Ms. Aida Mulokozi, CEO of DARCH (Dar es Salaam Centre for Architectural Heritage).

The debate will be in English.

It will be followed at 8pm by the opening of the exhibition Cartooning for Peace on the impact and the importance press drawings have around the world.

Free Entrance and open to all.



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