Event: High Level Debate on « African Economic Perspectives »


What are the economic perspectives in East Africa and more generally Africa as a whole?

This debate will put into perspective the continent’s socio-economic development and discuss the economic difficulties, business opportunities and the ways to finance sustainable development.

Key areas such as the different types and tools of growth as well as wealth distribution and elimination of poverty will be covered by the panelists. Issues regarding the financing of development will also be touched upon.

A panel bringing together French and Tanzanian specialists coming from different sectors of society will lead an interactive discussion on these subjects, where participation of the public is highly encouraged.

The panel will be composed by:

• Dr. Denis Cogneau, Professor at Paris School of Economics, Research Director at the French institut for Research on Development and Director of Studies at the School of Social Sciences Studies (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
• Moderator: Mr. Semkae Kilonzo, Coordinator of the Policy Forum
• Mr. Ali Mufuruki, Founder of Infotech LTD and Co-founder and Chairman of the CEO RoundtableTanzania
• Mr. Desmond Mushi, Founder of The African Economist and Research assistant at the Economic and Social Research Foundation

The event will be followed by a piano and violin duo by Jean-Louis Cortès & Jeanne Cortes starting 8:00pm.

All are invited and the entrance is free!

Thanks to our sponsors Bolloré Transport and Logistics, CFAO Motors, Maurel & Prom, Swiss et Virtual Communications.

Dernière modification : 19/09/2018

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