France : prime destination for foreign investments

France is a prime destination for foreign direct investments. It hosts over 20,000 foreign companies on its soil, representing almost two million jobs and a third of our exports. In ten years, France has attracted more than 6,000 foreign investments.

At the heart of a single market of 500 million people, foreign companies come to France to benefit from quality infrastructure, a tremendous lifestyle, significant connections with the rest of Europe and the world, one of the most competitive energy markets in Europe, a skilled and productive workforce and an environment conducive to research and innovation.

In a global environment characterized by the increasing mobility of foreign capital and talent, and by a growing rivalry between economies, especially in Europe, the French government has decided to strengthen its policy of attracting foreign direct investment and promoting France as a business destination.

For more information, please refer to the following document :

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(PDF - 174.9 kb)

Dernière modification : 17/10/2014

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