Les médias tanzaniens à l’honneur à la Résidence de France [en]


"Dear Friends from the Media,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen

Your presence here tonight is not only a great pleasure, but also an indication of the dynamism of media in Tanzania. It is important to remind ourselves that Media is key to a vivid, dynamic, democratic society. There is no development without access to knowledges, no democracy without access to information. I would even say that there is no unity and no cohesion without the togetherness created by the information and the entertainment provided by media.

In these modern times technologies are changing the shape of the media communities at an incredible pace, both positive and negative. In all countries around the world, this comes with new challenges and new responsibilities. Media will play an increasing role in creating and shaping public opinion and strengthening the society. One of France’s contributions to this goal is the presence in Tanzania since 2010 of Radio France international broadcasting in Kiswahili.


My experience here in Tanzania brings me to trust your capacity to adapt for the best to this changing reality. Since my arrival in the country I have seen good progress in the dialogue between government and media stakeholders on issues related to human rights, protection of free speech including criticism. While I do realise such issues are work on progress, we would like to reassure you that the French Embassy supports a continued dialogue in order to ensure the country’s economic stability, peace and security continue to be strengthened.

Your presence here tonight is also our way to express our sincere appreciation to you, for the support you have given us in covering our events. We are proud to say that, over the years, we have developed a binding relationship with Tanzanian media, you have continuously demonstrated your interest to our actions and activities.


Of course our diplomatic action is not public knowledge, but let me ensure you that we are also active in this area to enhance the relations between our two countries. The visit in Paris of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation in February this year is one example of this constant and constructive dialogue of our two countries. We strive to implement the will of the French president to strongly invest in Africa around key priorities : education, climate change, gender equality, access to clean water and health, quality infrastructures, democracy and human rights,

We recognize the need for continued collaboration between The French Embassy and media stakeholders. We would like to reassure you that I and my Team are geared to ensure that this partnership is strengthened for the mutual benefit of our countries."

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