LabCitoyen 2016

Maagizo Kayanda, winner of the 2016 competition for Tanzania, participated in the LabCitoyen programme organised in France by the Institut Français.

PNG From the 3rd to the 11th of July 2016, Maagizo Kayanda participated in LabCitoyen. This programme, organized every year by the Institut Français, is focused on the main themes of Human Rights and aimed at bringing together socially engaged young French-speakers from all over the world. Through a series of conferences, debates, roundtables and workshops, LabCitoyen encourages its participants to share their experiences, enhance their competences, exchange their views with stakeholders from the French civil societies and foster links between their civic engagements.

This year, LabCitoyen’s theme was “Health and Human rights”. The programme gave a chance to 52 young citizens of the world coming from more than 40 different countries to think together on the ways how the right to health and other Human Rights are deeply linked together.

As the winner of the LabCitoyen contest organized by the French Embassy to Tanzania in 2016, Maagizo’s participation to the programme was entirely sponsored by the Institut Français and the French Embassy.

You are between 20 and 26 years old, Tanzanian and you are learning French? It could be you next time! Don’t miss the publication of the theme and contest details for the next edition early 2017!


Photo crédits: M. Kayanda (1st photo) et B. Chapiron / MAEDI (2nd photo)

Dernière modification : 24/09/2018

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