Open letter to HE the Prime Minister on protection of person with albinism

Dar es Salaam, 19 May 2014

Open letter to the Rt. Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda, Prime Minister
Dar es Salaam

Your Excellency,

We have been shocked and appalled by the brutal murder of Ms Munghu Lugata on 12 May in Bariadi district. Ms Lugata was a person with albinism. Her severely mutilated body was found outside her home. We understand that two witchdoctors have been linked to the killing.

Honourable Prime Minister, this is the first reported killing of persons with albinism in Tanzania in year 2014. However, Ms Lugata has become the 73rd person with this genetic condition to be murdered in Tanzania since the year 2000.

You have been in the forefront of the fight against such inhumane practices and we wish to call once again upon your authority to reinvigorate the commitment of the authorities to put a halt to these practices; to take all the necessary measures in order to prevent
further incidents and to ensure that killing and butchering of people with albinism is followed up by due investigation and prosecution of the perpetuators, ending the practice of impunity around witchcraft.
We will continue to support you in this effort.

Thank you for your consideration and follow up.

Signed :

His Excellency Filiberto Ceriani Sebregondi, Ambassador of the European Union

His Excellency Koenraad Adam, Ambassador of Belgium

Her Excellency Dianna Melrose, British High Commission

His Excellency Johnny Flento Ambassador of Denmark

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