Semaine de la France (France-Tanzania Business Forum)

JPEGThe “Semaine de la France” (France-Tanzania Business Forum) is a special event that aims at strengthening French-Tanzanian public and private sectors relationship through the sharing of best practices, track records and strategic visions in order to identify win-win partnership opportunities.

The “Semaine de la France” will take place at the National Museum from the 3rd to the 6th of April 2017. During the “Semaine de la France”, more than 250 attendees (including 80 companies), government and business companies representatives will engage in various economic workshops and seminars, as well as in cultural activities related to the topics chosen for this first edition: energies (including renewable energies), transportation, information and communication technologies (ICT).
As per usual practice, this event organized by the French Embassy will also welcome students (by invitation only).

You can access the full programme of the event by downloading the below document:

PDF - 239 kb
(PDF - 239 kb)

You are a French or Tanzanian company willing to participate in the forum? Fill out the below form and send it via email to :

Excel - 98 kb
(Excel - 98 kb)


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