Supporting local media: meeting with the top public broadcaster of Tanzania. [fr]

TBC, a major player of the public broadcasting sector of Tanzania

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Mr l’Ambassadeur et Mr Ayub Rioba, directeur général de la Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC)

H.E. Frédéric Clavier met with the director of one of the oldest public radio station in the country, the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) to express the support of the Embassy to the local media and its key role in informing the youth and in the use of Kiswahili. Since 1951, TBC ranks among the top 3 radio stations in the country with its station Radio Taifa and succeeds to maintain its audience in spite of the strong competition of private groups.

It is therefore the work of a major public actor that H.E. Frédéric Clavier commended on the late 22nd of May. While meeting Ayub Rioba, General Director of the group, the Ambassador observed that in the eye of African and Tanzanian media France is a model of innovation and competence.

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S.E. Frédéric Clavier dans les studios de TBC avec une équipe de la radio TBC International.

An opportunity to discuss on a closer cooperation between our two countries concerning the training of journalists and to support a media whose shows are broadcasted in Swahili, contrary to its competitors who do so in English.

Offering a long-term strategy to the head of the group, the Ambassador hopes to foster exchanges with Tanzania in order to promote the French “savoir-faire” and to help the Tanzanian team in securing better equipment and technology.

A support to multilingualism illustrated by the success of RFI Kiswahili.

The cooperation between France and Tanzania to promote multilingualism is already a success with the creation in 2010 in Dar Es Salaam of Radio France International Kiswahili. Eight years of broadcasting which were celebrated on the late 26th of April by a reception organized with the French Alliance during which was honored Kiswahili.

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S.E. Frédéric Clavier avec l’équipe de Radio France International Kiswahili dans leur newsroom.

RFI Kiswahili team embodies France’s contribution to the local reporters and values the Francophonie. If some of the reporters are Tanzanians, others are from Burundi or Congo and they all boast to be competing with the regional broadcast of BBC. Managed by French Robert Minangoy, the station airs in English, Kiswahili and French, especially on Sundays with the radio program “Parlons Francophone” (Let’s speak Francophone).

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S.E. dans le studio de RfI Kiswahili répondant aux questions du rédacteur en chef adjoint Emmanuel Makundi.

During his interview, in which he elaborated on the promising relationship between France and Tanzania, H.E. Frédéric Clavier was able to witness the quality of the team’s equipment, provided by the French radio to its Tanzanian branch.

An encouraging meeting for the advocacy of multilingualism and the multifaceted French-Tanzanian cooperation.

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