Tanzanian Journalists Tour in Paris

Four journalists namely Emmanuel Buhohela of ITV/Radio One, Emmanuel Makundi of RFI-Kiswahili, Jennifer Sumi of Mwananchi and Stanslaus Ganzel of Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) were in France for a one week tour.

They got the opportunity of meeting Mr Gael Veyssiere who is the Director of Press Department in the French Foreign Ministry and also met the organizer of their trip Mrs Evelyne de Larquier.

The programme was intended to raise the awareness of journalists in broadening their knowledge of France.

While in France, they also visited the ATR aircraft assembly.

Articles written by the journalists :

1) Title : "Tanzanian journalists visit Louvre Museum, ATR"

Source: Habari leo, October 18th, 2014

2) Title : "Cleanliness is part of the French Culture"

Article written by Tanzanian Journalist Jennifer Sumi when visiting Paris.

Full Page coverage :

  • Impressed by how clean Paris is
  • French people adhere to the environment Laws
  • There is a lot to learn about French Culture

Source: Mwananchi, Special supplement, October 18th, 2014

Please see press cutting attached

3) Title : "Paris, the City of Love"

One Page special report from Tanzanian Journalist who visited France recently – By: Jennifer Sumi

Please see press cutting attached – Mwananchi, October, 19th, 2014

4) Coverage on River Sein “Lovers Bridge” a place where lifelong romance begins. Many couples engrave their names onto padlocks, lock it to the bridge and then toss the key into the Seine – a sign of their eternal love.

George Tsaklidis the French Ministry interpreter gave in-depth information about the history behind this culture. + Photographs

Source : Mwananchi, October 19th, 2014

Please see press cutting attached.

5) "Visit of Tanzania Journalist in Paris" - By Stan Ganzel of Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation.

The Programme was aired on TBC over the weekend on Prime Time.

The visit in video : http://youtu.be/LaidVNqU_0Q

Paris, the city of love
Mrs Jennifer Sumi walking near the Seine
Visit of the Foreign Ministry

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