The Ambassador’s word for the National Day

Abstracts of Madam the Ambassador’s speech for the reception of the 14th of July at the Residence of France in Dar es Salaam, the 14th of July 2016.

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Hon. Suzan Kolimba, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation and H.E. Malika Berak, Ambassador of France to Tanzania

We are celebrating the 14th of July, the French national day, and the values of our Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity. For this occasion, I will mention three subjects directly aligned with the current news:

1/ Security, democracy and development.

France and many other countries around the world have been badly affected by terrorism. In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris in November 2015, we have received numerous expressions of sympathy. They meant a lot to us, particularly President Magufuli’s visit to our Embassy.

Indeed, the whole world is facing the same threat and terrorism aims in the first place to destabilise our societies, to weaken democratic institutions and to compromise economic development.

The reinforcement of democratic institutions passes through social justice. It is by way of consequence indispensable for our countries to eliminate as much as possible the corruption that litterally “eats them from inside” and creates dangerous imbalances. As soon as he took office President Magufuli attacked this plague; we would like to present our appreciation and encouragement for his action. It is about creating a sounder functioning administration, ending the economic pillage and building a dynamic and sustainable economy.

2/ Big regional blocs.

We are still convinced, even after the bad surprise of the Brexit, that there are no other paths to face globalization and the competition of other big economies than to go hand in hand within regional blocks.

We believe in the European Union, Yourselves, our Tanzanian partners, you belong to regional and sub-regional groups, including the East African Community. As the EAC gets increasingly integrated, it will consolidate relationships with other nations, which is important for peace.

As you know, we Europeans hope to establish long lasting links with the East-African Community. From Europe to Africa there exist, in a still fragile albeit promising way, a vertical axis of cooperation and solidarity. We hope to be able to consolidate it.

3/ Le Cercle-Franco Tanzanien

Our increasing closeness and reciprocal knowledge of each other is made possible through concrete actions. The Embassy has created events and different exchange opportunities, notably within the activities of our friendship group: Le Cercle Franco-Tanzanien. The debates on various subjects have been widely appreciated by the Tanzanian audience, as was the case for the workshops and seminars organized by our Economic Service, in association with French companies.

All these exchanges and events contributed to reinforcing our mutual understanding and to consolidating our links.

Long live French-Tanzanian friendship!


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