Updates on the PISCCA fund for Tanzanian organizations of civil society

In 2016, six civil society organizations (OSC) have established a partnership with the Embassy of France in Tanzania: FOLT, ZACCA, UNA, MEWATA, WOY and TASUWORI. These organizations are working in different sectors (environment, sexual health and reproductive rights, economic empowerment etc). They benefit from regular field visits and trainings jointly organized with the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) to build their own capacities in a long term perspective.
Three field visits were organized, respectively in Moshi, Morogoro and Dar Es Salaam.

-  The organization TASUWORI in Morogoro enhances the capacities of the communities to reinforce their participation and role in the establishment of local policies.

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Ressource center funded by the French Embassy to Tanzania

-  WOY managed to improve the local capacities at the community level to fight against gender based violences, especially through training and awareness campaign.

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Group pictures with the beneficiaries of WOY action during a workshop, 12/06/2017.

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