The Embassy of France is likely to offer scholarships to students wishing to study in France, most often for the Master level.

In partnership with Tanzanian universities, the Embassy of France also finances, at PhD level, ‘alterning’/’sandwich’ scholarships. The research then takes place in Tanzania and in France, with the funds from the Embassy financing the part taking place in France (usually three months per year during three years).

People wishing to apply for a scholarship have to contact and fulfil the application procedures with the universities of their choice in France. A master’s (or PhD) admission letter has to be provided with all scholarship applications. The letter does not guarantee entitlement to a scholarship: the number of candidates applying is much higher than the number of available scholarships.

The next selection will take place in 2017.

You would like to obtain a scholarship from the French government for the university year 2017-2018?

The opening date for the application process will be communicated on this page.

To help you find the French university that could receive you in your specialty, you can start looking at Campus France’s website:

The documents needed for a scholarship application are the following:

- a CV / Resume
- a cover Letter (explanation of your professional background, project and choice of studies)
- a copy of your passport
- a copy of your Diplomas and obtained marks
- an admission letter from your university in France
- Recommendation letters (if you have any)
- Certificates of knowledge in French language (if your master/PhD is in French)
For more information, you can contact us at this address:

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