Opening of the second Campus France "Study in France" information point in Tanzania at the University of Dar es Salaam [fr]

The government sets the target to double the number of students native of emerging countries in order to host 500 000 foreign students by 2027 - the current cohort amounts to 320 000. In this regard, French Embassy associated with the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) and the Tanzanian Ministry for Education to open a Campus France information point within the university. This office will foster Tanzanian students’ access to French universities by offering a reinforced support in prior administrative procedures : choice of field of study, France’s cost of living, scholarschip application, visas, Social Security, housing. It will be monitored by Campus France referent in Tanzania Mme. Karima Allaoui, who speaks French, English and Kiswahili and has high knowledge of the French higher education system as a former international student in France.

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S.E Frédéric Clavier aux côtés de représentants de l’université et du Ministère de l’éducation pour le discours inaugural

On February 4th 2019, French Ambassador H.E Frédéric Clavier, Permanent Secratary of the Ministry of Education Dr. Leonard Akwilapo and vice-president of UDSM William Anangysye inaugurated Campus France information point at UDSM. French Ambassador mentioned the importance of French universities’ international culture as the attractiveness of France’s higher education system enabled our country to be the 4th host country of foreign students and the 1st non English speaking host country. It is the excellence of French higher education and academic research that is thus rewarded. The new Campus France office will enhance university exchanges between France and Tanzania, as part of the new global strategy "Welcome in France" presented by the government in 2019. Furthemore, Tanzanian students’ presence in France can only reinforce the promotion of Tanzanian culture, while Tanzania is already a privileged destination for French students willing to deepen their Swahili learning.


An accelerated procedure for visa applications has been implemented in order to facilitate administrative procedures for Tanzanian students. Embassy’s Consulate will reserve in this regard Wednesday morning for student visa applications as well as support. The total number of scholarships granted to foreign students will be tripled to amount to 15 000, firstly aimed at African students at all academic levels (see website). In order to foster the attractiveness of France’s higher education system for non French speaking students, the number of English cursus will be doubled to reach 2000, multiplying opportunities for Tanzanian students. Meanwhile, e-learning for French language will be developed to help foreign students to prepare their arrival.


Last but not least, a unique referent in each university will support international students throughout their stay in France. Affordable housing for natives of emerging countries will be favorised. Study in France represents a unique opportunity for Tanzanian students to join the "Almumni" network of the french compagnies based in Tanzania, which represents an important source of jobs.


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